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7 of the Coolest Experiential Marketing Campaigns We’ve Ever Seen

August 19, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Work events are really hit or miss. Let’s be honest: How many times have you found yourself anxiously fidgeting with a paper napkin in the corner of a stuffy networking happy hour?

That’s why I was not only relieved, but also surprised and delighted, when I attended a holiday party that featured a live, interactive version of an arcade game.

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Master the Chatter: 8 Tips to Get Your Event Trending on Twitter

September 21, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

It’s every event marketer’s dream: Pulling up your phone during your event and quickly peeking at Twitter, only to discover that your event’s hashtag is trending. After all of your hard work putting the event together, seeing people engaging in conversation online (lots of conversation online) is a huge validation. 

But that seems like an incredible feat to accomplish when you’ve got so many other moving pieces in the event planning process. So how do you prepare for your event so you have a better chance of trending on Twitter?

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45 Business Traveling Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Stress & Money

August 18, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

In theory, traveling for a conference seems glamorous. Your company is paying for you to go someplace new and exciting where you’ll stay in swanky hotels, meet lots of fabulous people, and learn tons of new things.

But sometimes, reality isn’t so sweet. Maybe your flight gets delayed, or your luggage gets lost, or your hotel room has a barely functional A/C unit, or your favorite suit somehow ends up with coffee all over it.

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Coachella, Tomorrowland, Bonnaroo & More: How Top Music Festivals Use Social Media

August 3, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

English music producer Simon Cowell once told Rolling Stone Magazine, “You have this amazing thing now called fan power. The whole world is linked through a laptop. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

He was talking about music artists here, but this can apply to any type of event host or marketer. Social media allows us to promote our events more strategically, listen to and engage with our fans, enhance attendee experience, help measure the event’s overall success, and find areas for improvement in the next time you put it on.

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How to Promote an Event Using Online Marketing [Infographic]

June 26, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

Preparing to run an event can sometimes feel like you’re sprinting a marathon. Months before you even announce your event to the public, you and your team have already started concepting the event, booking the venues, procuring speakers and activities, creating the materials … and so on and so forth. There’s no denying that organizing the logistics of an event is a ton of work.

But checking all the logistical boxes ahead of your event is only part of the battle.

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Should You Attend That Event? 9 Questions to Help You Find Out

March 30, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

Figuring out whether you and your team should attend a conference can be tricky. Getting out of the office sounds like a no-brainer, but when you start thinking about taking time “off,” traveling, paying for the conference itself, and what you’ll actually do once you get there, the answer starts to feel a little less clear.

So how can you figure out whether a conference is “worth it” to attend?

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The 15 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Conference

August 15, 2014 Admin Wordpress 0

To all the conference-goers out there, we’d like to pose a question. What’s your mission?

With so many benefits of attending and goals to focus on during a conference, choosing just one can be a tall order. And with INBOUND 2016 around the corner, you might be asking yourself: Should you network, and make connections with smart people? Or should you stick to learning, and diligently take notes during the breakout sessions?

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Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Live-Tweet Your Event

July 3, 2014 Admin Wordpress 0

event-conference-people-walking-fastLive-tweeting is kind of like note-taking, only it’s online, collective, and interactive. When you hear a great quote from a speaker, or “tweetable takeaway” (as in, a key takeaway that can be abbreviated to less than 140 characters), all you have to do is type it up in a tweet and ship it out to the world. Your followers will see the tweet, and so will