Tech-Driven Techniques to Motivate Employees

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Technology has made significant changes in the way we do work. Various workplace trends have appeared through the years like the rise of work-life balance, the popularity of remote work, and the importance of a work culture that improves employee productivity.

That said, managers still consider attendance and absence management as important factors to the success of a business. And while we’re on the topic of management, the issue of motivating employees to be better at work is also a popular topic of discussion.

While it’s your job to inspire your team as both a leader and a manager, it’s also your responsibility to see to it that they are hitting your goals and achieving results.

Luckily, technology now has the means to help managers improve the morale of their team. Here are 4 tech-driven techniques to motivate your employees:


Use collaborative tools to promote workplace flexibility

Working in office cubicles is the common picture of office work before. However, various software now allows workers to work remotely.

Collaborative file-sharing tools such as Google Drive allow employees to access critical files from anywhere, and absence management software allows management to keep track of the performance of each member. This setup keeps things systematic while empowering employees of their own time.

Besides, workplace flexibility is becoming a necessary feature of modern companies. Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps, says that companies who don’t have alternative work options are at a disadvantage, as talented professionals now have the luxury of choice when picking a company that aligns with their lifestyle.


Promote clear communication and transparency

Ignoring the importance of team culture is a big no-no if you want to inspire your team, which is why it’s important for managers to build a culture that promotes the values of transparency and clear communication among your team.

Cloud-based chatting apps like Slack allow your team to stay updated—from C-level executives to entry-level employees on all the important happenings around the office, and keep an open line among team members so they can easily reach one another whenever needed.

There are a lot of apps that offer different sets of features for businesses, and it might be daunting to find the perfect one that works for you. But while technology may heavily influence the workplace of the future, it’s the occasional human touch that keeps things fun and brings motivation.

One example of this is sending handwritten notes to new team members to welcome them into the group. Unlike emails or any other form of digital communication, handwritten notes speak of the effort in putting pen to paper and consciously writing letters of appreciation. Your team will appreciate you for it.

Whatever tool you use, it’s important that you abide by the same principles of honesty and transparency when communicating with your team. No one likes working for a company that chooses to withhold information.


Be flexible in communicating with your team

Despite the number of communication apps appearing nowadays, many professionals still use email for business purposes. If that’s the case with your team, then forcing them to comply and use the same communication platform as you may not be a step forward in motivating them.

In that case, choose a communication software that offers email integration like Basecamp to allow team members to join in on the discussion via email. Part of the power of technology is the flexibility it provides, and choosing the right tool to communicate with your team helps to facilitate effective communication.

According to science, having a clear understanding of what each team member needs to do is a big factor in raising morale and coming up with successful projects.


Practicing these techniques can help you motivate your team and inspire them to perform better. The future of work is going to depend on technology heavily, and businesses who keep on thinking creative ways to use technology to enhance their business will be the most successful ones.

Whichever tool you use, it’s important to remember that tools are only as good as the people who use them. Managers should realize that genuine human interaction is just as important as digital tools in keeping employees happy.

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