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My traveling adventure through europe

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some of you may have been asking yourself : Where are the post and updates on the site?? Well as it happens a few weeks back I suddenly had the opportunity to go travel through europe! As I have been raising my daughter for the past 14 years I did not have many opportunities to travel in that time period, so I decided that I would take this chance and see what it could / would bring me. Instead of traveling by plane, which may be the more popular means of travel, I decided I was going to take a train ride 😀

My final destination would be Romania, but to get there I would have several stops / transfers along the way. Now as it turned out, even before I had left Amsterdam central station there was a problem : Only halve of the ICE train had made it to Amsterdam so all seat bookings and arrangements fell through and all passengers just had to make the best of it. Then 30 minutes after we had left Amsterdam Central station an announcement was made that a freight train broke down on the track that my train was supposed to use, so the train had to be diverted to at least be getting underway to it’s destination. Well anyway to make a long story that much shorter, what should have taken only 1 full day of travel turned into a full 3 days travel by which I had the opportunity to stay in and explore several cities along the way before I arrived at my destination : Balșa Hunedoara County, Romania.

If you want to know and see more about my adventures as I travel through Europe you can follow me on Instagram where I have and will post all my activities and adventures on this wonderful trip.

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