The publishing industry is nothing if not dynamic, evolving and adapting on a daily basis. Everything from content format to technical infrastructure are shifting to accommodate digital readers, increase circulation, and drive more revenue for advertisers. 

So which trends are the hottest right now?

Mobile Madness

There’s no question that the use of mobile devices has skyrocketed, with more and more people consuming content on smart phones, tablets, and noweven watches. With this change in reading behavior, comes an intolerance for content that isn’t mobile ready, to the point that 27% of readers will leave a site if it isn’t mobile-optimized. Re-engineering websites around responsive web design and dynamic content has become the rule, not the exception for publishers.

And some publications are taking things one step further, building apps to house their (and their advertiser’s) content. These apps allows publishers to keep loyal readers engrossed within an ecosystem that they control entirely, helping to lengthen time of engagement and increase retention rates among subscribers. Similar apps are also becoming more prevalent for engaging audiences around events, as they create a central location for attendees to go for logistics, social networking, related content, and more.


Getting Friendly With Social

As targeting capabilities become more sophisticated, and user numbers continue to rise across social media, publishers are continuing to embrace Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Snapchat as huge traffic drivers. This popularity doesn’t come without concern however. As readers continue to engage on these platforms, publishers risk losing control over their content with changes like Facebook’s drop in organic reach introduction of instant articles.

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With that being said, social is still a big TOFU opportunity to drive readers to owned channels, where publishers have plenty of ways to keep users engaged.

Pressing Play on Video 

Video consumption and creation is on the rise for both publisher-owned and sponsored content. Allowing publishers to tell stories and connect with audiences through a visual, and easy to digest medium not only breaks up the monotony of text-only content, but also helps boost time on site. 

Outside the walls of publisher’s owned websites, video helps drive engagement and increase reach on social through views and shares. Additionally, sponsored videos are easier to create than ever, with a number of free, or inexpensive tools readily available. 

Introducing, Pay Per Pipeline

While pay-per-click (PPC) isn’t going anywhere any-time soon, many advertisers are demanding more proof-of-value for their buck. According to our recent Digital Publishing Benchmarks Report Snapshot, many B2B publications are beginning to lean more heavily on lead generation, indicating a focus on quality over quantity of engagements with ads. In fact, 55% of publishers feel that sponsored content or native advertising is set to increase in the next six months (while only 2.5% think it will decrease). These campaigns aren’t measured in clicks or views, but in the pipeline they generate for advertisers, and the overall attributable revenue they generate.

If you haven’t at least considered the role that each of the above play for your publication, it’s probably time to reassess your priorities. Staying ahead of the game. and adapting early not only keep readers happy, but also help you stand out to your potential advertisers.

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