Businesses of all sizes struggle with offering free shipping. Yet, 80% of U.S. shoppers cite shipping cost and speed of delivery as a heavily influential factor in if they buy a product from certain brand. Free shipping can, then, increase conversion rates, and give your brand the leg up it needs to close more sales and win more customers for the long haul.

Of course, that is, if you can make free shipping sustainable –– and not many can. Even Amazon struggles with free shipping profitability, and –– not to point fingers –– but they started this whole free shipping frenzy!

Know this though: free shipping isn’t the only shipping trick you should have up your sleeve. And, free shipping isn’t the right choice for every single brand. It depends on what you are selling, where you are selling it and to whom you are selling it.

That said, here’s a handy chart to help you determine the best shipping strategy for your brand. Shipping shouldn’t be a drain on your revenue, nor a reason why customers aren’t checking out. There’s a balance. Here’s how to find it.


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