If you’ve ever taken a Lyft, you know the ride’s been a little different than those with other ride-sharing apps.

Your car is adorned with a bright pink mustache. You sit right up front next to the driver. You may even give them a fist bump.

These quirks help differentiate Lyft as the friendly, human option in an uber-competitive industry … and it seems to be working.

The startup is one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing apps on the market.

Want to hear how Lyft’s been able to grow so fast?

Listen to this week’s episode of The Growth Show to hear from Lyft CMO Kira Wampler about surviving (and thriving) in an insanely competitive industry. Some episode highlights include:

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  • How Lyft thinks about the balance of innovation and competition 
  • Why Wampler loves to hire player-coaches
  • How Lyft has scaled non-scalable parts of its culture
  • How Wampler explains marketing to her kids

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