How to Repurpose Your Social Media Content [Live Webinar]

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Remember the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?” It was originally coined in reference to paper and plastic products, but it also can be applied to your content marketing strategy. Not only can repurposing content save you time, but it also can help you generate way more results.

The strategy of repurposing existing content has been oiling the HubSpot content engine for years, and this Thursday, we’ll be hosting a webinar with Likeable Local to give away our secrets.

How to Work the Room at Your Next Networking Event [Infographic]

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Take a second to imagine a business event you attended recently.

When the keynote presentation ended, it’s likely that a majority of the vendors and attendees flocked to the nearest charging station, pulled out their tablets and pretended to look busy, or awkwardly huddled with their coworkers around the tall tables by the refreshments. 

6 Simple Ways to Tap Into the Power of Influencer Marketing

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Did you know that just 3% of people generate 90% of the impact online

Considering this alarming statistic, it should come as no surprise that leveraging the power of this select group of influencers serves as a highly valuable strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach.

To help you get familiar with the concept of influencer marketing, HubSpot teamed up with with influencer marketing platform, Traackr, to create The Content Marketer’s Guide to Influencer Marketing. This free guide has everything you need to help you identify the right influencers, perform outreach, and leverage these relationships to grow your business.

8 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Content Marketing With Visuals

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On the web, there are few things more discouraging than a big block of text. That’s because humans are visual creatures — we tend to gravitate toward content that is pleasing to the eye, and we’re especially drawn to visuals that capture (and keep) our attention. 

It’s no wonder that 70% of marketers planned to increase their use of visuals in their content marketing this year. Sometimes visuals are just a more effective and creative way to present information, data, or difficult-to-understand concepts. After all, they don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words” for nothing. 

The 20 Best Sites for Wasting Time on the Internet

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There’s a lot of content out there about productivity — everything from hacks to shortcuts to tips and tricks for how to get more done in less time. It’s all about the sprint, the checking things off the lists as quickly as possible, and the downloading of software that’ll block out any and all distractions.

But what about those times when you just want to surf the internet aimlessly? Hey, no one can be totally productive all the time.

How to Write an Author Bio That Doesn’t Suck

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If guest posting is part of your content distribution and promotion strategy, you’ve probably experienced this frustration.

Here’s what happens: You write a great article for a guest publication, and at the end, you’re compensated with a tiny, little paragraph about you. 

What to Do When Your Prospect Takes a Strange Turn in the Buyer’s Journey

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[Cue Twilight Zone Music] There is another dimension beyond which is known to most marketers. It is a dimension that is vast and chaotic and as timeless as the sales process itself.

It is the middle ground between the introduction and the close, between engagement and disengagement, it lies between the deepest of our marketing fears and the heights of our marketing knowledge. This is the 4th dimension of the sales funnel. It is an area which we’ll call… The Sales Continuum.

13 Businesses With Brilliant Global Marketing Strategies

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Thanks to the internet, global reach is no longer reserved for deep-pocketed brands, nor is it an incredible hassle for already over-burdened marketing managers.

In fact, a global presence is possible for any business with a creative strategy and an understanding of world markets. 

To give you an idea of what a great global marketing strategy looks like, we’ve compiled a list of brands that totally “get it.”