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How to Make Your Own `About Us` and `About Me` Pages..

> Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 : Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process.. --> Read more

Bcoin Developers Release Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Application

> Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 : On Friday, Nov. 16, the developers behind the full node projects Bcoin and Bcash announced an application that allows users to complete cross-ch.. --> Read more

Google Used Search Data to Create This Report for Navigating the Holidays

> Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 : Ah, the holidays. It’s a holly, jolly time of year that’s full of egg nog, seasonal foods, and — in a word — chaos. Here.. --> Read more

Hash Wars: A Successful BCH Upgrade and a ‘High Risk’ Exchange Listing

> Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 : It’s been close to four days since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade and the blockchain split that occurred on Nov. 15. Since the acrimonious fork, a <.. --> Read more

NobleSamurai / Content Samurai Super Sale

> Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 : Hey everyone, we do not take part in the whole Black Friday ‘Hype’ because we do not believe that is how our society should work. W.. --> Read more