It’s after five o’clock, and what was suppose to only take a few minutes is edging closer to a few hours. You’re hungry, tired, and just about ready to throw in the towel. Sound familiar?

We’ve all sat by and helplessly watched as free time slips through our fingers and productivity hits rock bottom. When you finally craft that tweet, build that perfect list, or set up that landing page, the joy of accomplishment doesn’t even taste that sweet. At that point, you’re simply too worn out to care.

In order to be more productive, it’s incredibly helpful to understand when you have crossed that line from working hard to over-working. And despite thousands of marketers carrying out roughly the same set of tasks every week, it’s hard to find valid estimates of how much time you should be spending on these routine tasks. 

To help marketers everywhere better plan their days, we invite you to fill out the following survey on how much time you spend on certain tasks. We’ll use the data to create content that will give us all a better sense of how to allocate out time and be more productive. 

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