The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas [Infographic]

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The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas [Infographic]

You soak up blog posts, videos, photos, audio programs … the list goes on. 

This essential mix of media prompts us to perpetually upgrade the bandwidth of our digital media subscription plans. We consume more media. We share more. We make more. But this phenomenon’s not new. 

However, infographics are a different beast. It’s like some sort of universal big bang went down where our devices and attention spans got small and we started to skim content a lot more. As a result, marketers and the media noticed, and infographics exploded. 

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of infographics deserve the attention they command. That said, our challenge as marketers is to find a way to make a truly great one. One that stands out. 

How? Check out this infographic from Infobrandz and Feldman Creative for concepts and themes that will set you on the right track.

The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas [Infographic]

Infographic Ideas

The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas [Infographic]
10 free infographic templates in powerpoint
The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas [Infographic]

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