The State of Freelance Writing: Data on Pay, Bylines & Quality Content [Infographic]

Writing blog posts and other content takes time — time you and your team might not feel like you have to spare.

And yet, you keep reading that companies regularly publishing quality content to their blogs are reaping the biggest rewards in terms of traffic and leads. Better yet for those companies, those results continue to pay out over time thanks to search engines.

How can you maintain a great company blog when you and your team are juggling so many other marketing responsibilities? For many marketers, the answer is hiring freelance writers.

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The demand for freelance writers is high, and a lot’s been written about how to hire them, how to screen for quality, and how to build and manage a team of remote writers.

But very rarely can you find data to help you answer tough questions. How much should you pay freelancers? Should they receive the byline — or not? What affects the quality of their work?

CopyPress recently ran a survey with nearly 250 freelancers to figure this all out. Check out the infographic below of their findings.

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