While no two organizations are created equal, the motivations behind joining one often are.  

By understanding what draws new members inand just as importantwhat keeps them there, nonprofits can better understand where to allocate their marketing time and resources. Take a look at this infographic from abila’s Member Engagement Study, to see what universal truths members share across organizations.  

To dig down deeper on these stats, try running a survey with your current members to see how their responses net out against the averages below. Supplement this data by creating ideal member personas (free template here), and then match your content to meet the needs of this ideal audience. 

And just like that, you have the bones of a content strategy for member acquisition, engagement, and retention. Want some more in-depth information on membership marketing? Take a look at our Guide, Growing and Engaging Your Member Base


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A Guide to Growing and Engaging Your Member Base

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