Get Paid To Be Online

Get Paid To (GPT) websites have been around pretty much since the dawn of the Internet. GPT sites are becomingly increasingly popular as they enable people to earn money from home by completing a wide variety of online tasks. You Get paid to read emails, take surveys and view offers from vendors, to name a few options.

Publishers in GPT

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These Sites work with a range of advertisers, sponsors and vendors, who pay them a commision or for consumer feedback on their products and services. GPT sites then share these earnings with their members.

Complete Tasks in GPT

You need to sign up with a GPT site before you can start completing paid tasks. Paid directly to your digital currency accounts at PayPal, Skrill etc. Recently a lot of sites have started to add payment options for Crypto Currencies, so you could have your earnings deposited in a Crypto currency Wallet if you prefer.



The best places to Get Paid To be online, find tips, tricks and more..

Paid To Click

One of the easiest paths to start earning is to start with Paid To Click. Simply click on adverts provided to you and watch them for a number of seconds. Getting paid is easy, just by viewing the ad or site . There are now a huge number of Paid To Click (PTC) sites around. You would be wise to stick with the better known and more established ones.

Paid To Post

Another simple way to earn money is to post to a Cryptocurrency based Social Media platform. There are also advertiser forums, blogs, or review apps. Advertisers are keen to have new content generated by users, so a facebook post or a tweet can be a good way to earn. Especially when you don’t have much spare time.

Paid Surveys

Taking part in paid surveys is an insanely popular method for making money online. You have very flexible working hours, because it is a flexible job. You can do it while taking care of other things, and one of the best in the field. A typical survey takes from 5 minutes to an hour to complete.

Product Trials and Reviews

Writing reviews is another great way to start a side hussle. Because you provide a valuable form of feedback that is favoured by advertisers. This can be in the form of free product trials where you test products and then post reviews about them. Or there may be an incentive to post a review about a product or service you have purchased.

Get Paid To Play Games

You can make money by playing games too! Most of all in the cryptocurrency sphere. There is a real revolution going on in the web3 cryptocurrency sphere. Reminding you that hardly any GPT sites offer this option, so it pays to look around and see what’s on offer.

Get Paid To Sites

Love it when you introduce your friends to them. And you should love it the same! Great opportunity for your friends to earn some extra money and rewards. And it’s actually great for you, because you profit from that too! Nearly every GPT site has a referral program where every time you introduce a friend and they can joins! Because you referred them, you earn a small commission on their earnings.

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