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Compare products and prices online with shopping agents!

Shopping agents check the prices of the same product at many different online stores. Here are some tips on how to use shopping agents online.

1. Go to a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, and enter the keywords shopping agents or price comparison.

2. From the search results list, pick the agent like mysimon or dealtime which appeals to you most.

3. You can also search for the words online shopping sites to find out which are the best online shopping agents.

4. Notice that there are shopping agents for which you have to pay. They are usually better than the free ones.

5. Once you have decided what online shopping agent to use, type in the search box the product you want to check on its price.

6. A list will be shown to you with the lowest price you can find in online stores.

7. If you want to compare all the prices, just click the link associated with this action.

8. You can also find out the shipping fees by providing your zip code.

Advice: It is recommended buying the products from well-known stores, even if the prices are higher than others. Some online shopping agents are better than others so consult other users opinion on different shopping robots. You can also find valuable information about the shopping agents by visiting various forums with this topic.


Our lives have significantly changed over the past decades, with the introduction of the Internet, computers and especially smartphones. Through these devices it has become possible for us to order pretty much anything we like 24/7 ! And we love it, right? Well what could be even better than all that luxury and comfort ? Getting money back when you shop ofcourse. There are a legion of cashback shopping programs available on the internet.