If you’re a freelancer, you probably have a lot on your plate.

Balancing multiple projects, building your personal brand, and keeping up with client requests is no easy feat, and the last thing you want to worry about is undercharging for your services.

Determining your ideal hourly rate can seem like a high-stakes guessing game. How much do you need to charge your clients to live the lifestyle you want? How do you factor in your overhead costs, vacation days, and other expenses? How can you be sure you aren’t undervaluing your work?

To help you quantify your ideal hourly rate without breaking a sweat, we created a free tool that does the heavy lifting for you: The Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator.

With just a few simple inputs, this tool will automatically crunch the numbers, calculating the ideal hourly rate you need to charge your clients to build a profitable freelancing business.

You can access our free calculator here. It will give you your ideal rate based on the following areas:

  • How many days you want to take off per year
  • How much you plan to spend on overhead expenses (office space, project management software, etc.)
  • How much you would like to earn annually
  • Retirement, benefits, and self-employment taxes

Ready to get started? Click here to start calculating your ideal hourly rate, and never worry about undercharging for your services again. 

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