There have been so many changes for businesses during the past year, not only in terms of technology but the workforce as well. Companies not only need to be profitable, but they also need to have a culture that promotes growth and inclusivity if they are to hire great people.

Statistics show that millennials are now the biggest generation in the workforce, so if you want to hire some of the best of the bunch, you need to have an idea what makes this generation tick and which strategies you can use.

Here are four recruitment strategies to implement to your business this 2018.


Social recruiting

Instead of hiring costly staffing agencies, why not post a job opening on your company social media account? Not only is it cost-efficient (free if you decide to skip on boosting it), but it’s also very targeted, to begin with. The first ones who will see your job opening will be your fans, which are most likely already interested in your brand in the first place.

And these digital natives aren’t shy to give your brand a shoutout on social media if they had a great experience with you. This makes it possible for you to reach more candidates for the position — one of which could be the perfect match for your company.

Some key points to remember when setting up social recruiting:

  • Include only the most essential info in your job posting such as title, job description, location, salary estimate, etc. Don’t give out everything – that’s what the interview is for.
  • Pin the post on your Facebook/Twitter timeline, so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your page.
  • Don’t be shy to sprinkle a little of your brand personality in your job posting.


Flexible working hours and other perks

Unlike previous generations, millennial job seekers feel more empowered in today’s job market. According to the latest JOLTS report (which stands for Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey), there is only roughly one unemployed worker per job opening, compared to the previous ratio of seven job candidates per opening.

This indicates that job seekers now have more bargaining power in the hiring process, and companies need to step up their game if they want to acquire the best talent for their business.

It’s true that millennials value work-life balance more than a higher salary, but you don’t need to go all-out and offer lavish vacation packages to make employees more motivated and productive at work.


Cultivate an inclusive company culture

Modern millennials aren’t attracted by higher salaries anymore. In fact, according to a study on millennials in the workforce, about 3 out of 10 employees were willing to accept a job that has a lower salary if it means having a job that promotes diversity and work-life balance.


Send job alerts via text blast

Because job seekers now have plenty of options to choose from, recruiters need to master the art of making a great first impression.

And if you want to impress, why not use an old technology such as SMS as a modern recruitment strategy?

If you don’t believe SMS can still make a dent in a world where almost everybody’s on Facebook, here’s the thing: there are 6 billion mobile phones in the world, and three-fourths of them are in developing countries, which aren’t yet penetrated by social media like Facebook.

Setting up a text blast to send job alerts to this market not only adds an element of surprise, but it’s also a unique way to make a first impression with your brand.



Whichever recruitment strategy you choose, keep in mind that you’re dealing with a new generation that values growth and empowerment more than financial compensation. That’s why you have to use modern recruitment strategies that shine a spotlight on your values as a brand, so you can hire talented candidates that fit your company like a glove.

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