74 Compelling Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles [Infographic]

newspaper_publisher_(sub)-2Imagine how many more views and how much more engagement your blog posts would get if you spent as much time crafting your blog post titles as you do your email subject lines.

Whether your posts are being discovered in social media, search engines, or inside of people’s inboxes, the titles are the first things readers will see — and they’re the gatekeepers of the excellent content just one click away.

To help you brainstorm some clickable titles, twelveskip.com created a lovely infographic featuring 74 blog post titles “templates.” All you have to do to create attention-grabbing titles is select one of the blog title templates from the list, fill in the blank(s) with relevant keywords and phrases, and voila: Your post is good to go.

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What’s the most compelling blog post title you’ve ever come across?

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