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We showcased what our plan would be over the next year and a half, what teams we’d bring on and why we’d bring them on, and what kind of potential they have. So there was honestly a lot of background work as well, which was another part of the reason why they really liked what we were doingContinue Reading

The IRS might not be the best at keeping ahead of the crypto curve, but if you think you can hide your Bitcoin gains – think again. Crypto tax calculator Koinly is here to explain just how the IRS can track your crypto. Got gains or income from crypto? TheContinue Reading

Tips on Starting a Consumer Class Action

Have you and your friends wanted to sue a shady business, producer, or manufacturer of goods, products, and services? Do you know of others who share the same stories of hurt and betrayal caused by the dangers of capitalistic entities? Well, then you probably know that a class action lawsuit would be the best course…Continue Reading

The major challenge when building blockchain-based gaming companies are faced with are problems with scalability, and high transaction costs. Therefore, the team at Sony decided to start trialing the Tron blockchain for potential improvement of user-experience.Continue Reading

The enterprise sales cycle is typically measured in months, if not years. Products and services are often complex, and when you’re helping companies automate their vendor payments like I am, you’ll end up working through some process changes. Quite often, the sale involves a significant amount of dialogue around changing the “status-quo”.Continue Reading