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DesignEvo an Alternative Choice of Logo Maker App

A fantastic logo has the power to unlock memoirs, feelings, and brings your idea to life and communicates it in a way that words can’t. So every brand, company, website has its own logo. Today, as a result of the demand for logo maker, an influx of online tools for logo creating appeared. This article is dedicated to analyzing the usability of DesignEvo, which is a prime choice when it comes to online logo maker.



DesignEvo is a free online logo maker. It is possible to intuitively start a logo from scratch or customize the design by choosing your favorite one from over 5000 rich templates.


To use it for free, you need to share DesignEvo with SNS or write credits on the your site or blog. However, it may be great that credit is not included in the logo image. Also, if you want to download a high resolution image, you can purchase it cheaply. In addition, there are two options to purchase cheaply, including copyright.


Key Features of DesignEvo

5000+ professionally designed templates

Users can browse through the different categories or search design from 5000+ logo templates using keywords to find the logo that meets their needs and customize it to unique ones.


1,000,000+ icons & 100+ fonts

DesignEvo offers millions of professionally designed icons for users. Besides, 100+ stylish fonts are available to take your logo to the next level.


Fully customizable features

With the easy to use and straightforward interface, even you have no tech skills, you can take fully control of DesignEvo quickly. You can easily change the icon, background, text, etc. – the possibilities are limitless!


Vector Files

You can get high-quality SVG and PDF logo files that can be scaled to any size without quality loose. This is perfect for using in print, online and anywhere else.


Cloud-Based Saving

DesignEvo allows you to save your logos into your account and make unlimited edits anytime you want. Even for the free users, you can save 6 logos under your account for future editing.


There are many other amazing features in DesignEvo, if you are interested, go ahead to explore yourself.

Pros and Cons


Money and time saving

Cloud-Based Saving

Compatible with both iOS (DesignEvo for iOS) and Android(DesignEvo for Android).

Downloaded Logos are Print-Ready Files



No Option to upload own images or icons.


If you have little have a little budget to hire a professional designer and you need to make a logo for your blog, brand or company, DesignEvo is certainly a practical solution to try. It can also be a useful tool to start creating drafts, just to experiment with some ideas before reaching the final version of your logo.