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Get Paid To Be Online

Get Paid To (GPT) websites have been around pretty much since the dawn of the Internet. GPT sites are becomingly increasingly popular as they enable people to earn money from home by completing a wide variety of online tasks. You can get paid to read emails, take surveys and view offers from vendors, to name a few options.

These GPT Sites work with a range of advertisers, sponsors and vendors, who pay them a commision or for consumer feedback on their products and services. GPT sites then share these earnings with their members.

Complete Tasks

You need to sign up with a GPT site before you can start completing paid tasks. Earnings can usually be paid directly into your Digital currency account like PayPal, Skrill or other epay account. Recently a lot of the GPT sites have started to add payment options for Crypto Currencies, so you could have your earnings deposited in a Crypto currency Wallet if you prefer.

Running your Business

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