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By offering Verse in a public sale, we are providing early access to a token with broad utility while at the same time empowering people to join, a brand with universal recognition, robust fundamentals, and one of the fastest growing ecosystems in crypto.Continue Reading

This partnership comes on the back of the successful test trading of TRX tokens through Bit.Store, a crypto investment platform powered by Alchemy Pay. Bit.Store is an intuitive crypto trading platform popular among new crypto investors with 500,000 users across Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.Continue Reading

The major challenge when building blockchain-based gaming companies are faced with are problems with scalability, and high transaction costs. Therefore, the team at Sony decided to start trialing the Tron blockchain for potential improvement of user-experience.Continue Reading

In the span of next few months multiple programs will be set-up under its umbrella to empower the growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Designed to incubate rising blockchain-crypto projects the fund will also run advanced technological development programs.Continue Reading

There’s definitely been a few artists that have made millions of dollars selling single NFTs to buyers willing to pay for the cryptographic-backed collectibles. For instance, Beeple is well known for his NFT work, and one of his pieces sold for $69 million at Christie’s.Continue Reading

Terra, a smart contract-enabled cryptocurrency chain, is prepared to apply the new Columbus 5 mainnet upgrade today. This will bring important updates to the network that could pave the way for future growth. However, the upgrade procedure is anything but simpleContinue Reading

As the end of September approaches, the combined sales of three distinct NFT projects have made more than $10 billion in all-time sales. All three projects are unique as well, as the leader in NFT sales, Opensea, is a marketplace that allows users to purchase and sell a wide variety of NFT collectibles from the Ethereum and Polygon networks.Continue Reading