Running an agency is hard. There are daily growth challenges that need to be overcome. Luckily, you’re not the only one coming up against these problems. We spoke with agency thought leaders and experts about a number of these problems in our monthly webinar series.

The HubSpot Agency Expert Webinar Series is a great opportunity for agency owners to learn from thought leaders in the agency space. This monthly webinar series focuses on a variety of topics from agency growth to brand building to sourcing top talent and winning new clients.

To help start you off the on the right foot, we’ve compiled agency expert advice from 15 different thought leaders and agency experts. If you want to watch any of the webinars in full, you can find them all here.

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The Best Advice for Agencies in 2018

1. Michael Gass, Author of Fuel Lines, emphasizes on the fact that a clear plan and positioning strategy are good growth hacks for a successful agency business.

“Three things a new business director needs for success – Create a plan, develop a process and have a positioning strategy” (Click to Tweet)

2. Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner at Hinge Marketing, talks about the importance of brand building, reputation and visibility in the market for getting referrals from top clients.

“8/10 of professional services buyers say they would refer their providers based on good experience and reputation but 81.5% of firms have received a referral from people they have not worked with” (Click to Tweet)

3. Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant, advises agency business owners to focus on using best SEO practices to stay on top of their game in the digital world.

“Always prioritize your topics/ terms/ keyword targets not only just based on volume, relevance, competition and seasonality but also their potential profitability towards the business.” (Click to Tweet)

4. David C. Baker, Principal at Recourses Inc., advises marketers to refrain from making business mistakes which can ruin the agency’s reputation in the market.

“Don’t chase growth without understanding the implications of it” (Click to Tweet)

5. Brian Regienczuk, CEO & Co-Founder of Agency Spotter, in this Marketing Trends Report 2018, talks about how agency owners should be aware of seasonal services and how agency selection and search has changed over the years.

“In 2018, the top 5 marketing trends are Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Search SEO/PPC, Inbound Marketing, and Healthcare Marketing” (Click to Tweet)

6. Peter Levitan, President at Peter Levitan & Co., says that a smarter pitch is very powerful at fetching more clients.

“Pitching your agency is always good since it is an indication that your agency is healthy and exciting, your new business program is working well and makes more profits” (Click to Tweet)

7. Jody Sutter, Owner of The Sutter Company, emphasizes the power of storytelling for attracting more prospects.

“Always choose the right message, have an organising principle and create an emotional connection” (Click to Tweet)

8. Olivia F. Scott, President at Omerge Alliances, talks about best product positioning strategies for building the desired client base.

“The best way for agencies to position themselves in this digital age is to understand their brand, service offering, past client experience and deliverables” (Click to Tweet)

9. Sharon Toerek, Principal at Toerek Law, speaks about how new agency models can cause legal issues for business owners.

“The best legal tools that agencies can include in their work models are Non Disclosure Agreements, Agreements for Freelancers, Collective Participant Agreements, Client Service Agreements, Data Protection Policies, Software-use and originality policies for dealing with remote work issues” (Click to Tweet)

10. Don Beehler, Principal at ABC&D Communications, advises business owners on how to craft a PR strategy to drive new business.

“The quickest path to increasing awareness and credibility is to become a trusted source for the news media and bloggers” (Click to Tweet)

“Identifying the right PR tools to accelerate the process is very vital. Good examples are Help A Reporter Out(HARO),, and Google Alerts” (Click to Tweet)

11. John Gleason, Founder & President of A Better View Strategic Consulting, talks about best client practices and behaviors that agency must adapt to engage and win more clients.

“Clients rely on agencies to accelerate their scalability, provide innovative solutions, add value, solve complexities, speed up processes” (Click to Tweet)

12. Kyle Racki, CEO at Proposify, advises marketers on how to increase lead generation and close rates.

“The best working model for lead generation for agencies come via word-of-mouth, inbound marketing, outbound sales and partner referrals like HubSpot” (Click to Tweet)

13. Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute, emphasizes on key mistakes which agency owners make which reduces profitability.

“Many agencies struggle with their pricing strategy, it’s not about the dollar amount put on the prices but how the pricing options are presented to the clients” (Click to Tweet)

14. Pete Sena, Founder & CCO of Digital Surgeons, discusses the importance of creating an internal culture of content for driving marketing and business development.

“An internal culture of content will drive awareness, increase revenue and level up teams in their learning process” (Click to Tweet)

15. Doug Kessler, Creative Director at Velocity Partners, talks about the unique concept of honest marketing and its benefits towards building a better brand.

“Total honesty surprises and delights customers, signals confidence, builds trust and attracts ideal prospects” (Click to Tweet)

In this digital age, running and growing your agency is a tricky business. The HubSpot Agency Expert Webinar Series gives business owners an opportunity to soak up fresh ideas from industry thought leaders and experts to identify new growth opportunities for achieving long-term business success.

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