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From Time Magazine being bought over by SalesForce founder Marc Benioff to Mental Floss being snapped up by publishing platform Minute Media, over the last couple of months we have seen a number of media companies being acquired by larger players.   Since the internet blew the traditional media’s advertisingContinue Reading

grumpy spouse? you have more influence than you know. Have faith – while respecting his or her free agency.
I’ve had this question come in time and again about how much our thoughts can influence a situation if our spouse’s thoughts do not support our own. If we shouldn’t manipulate another person’s freedom to choose, how does this all work in a marriage if both parties are not on the same page?
Some people have a gift of strong faith, and others struggle more to develop it. If you have an easier time with faith than your spouse, it may… Read moreContinue Reading

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He’s called the Father of Advertising and the King of Madison AvenueFortune magazine once asked if he was a genius — which prompted him to ask his attorney to bring a lawsuit against the publication for its use of the question mark.

But you should also know that this man was an apprentice chef, a farmer, a door-to-door salesman, an expelled college student, a social worker, a researcher, and a former employee of the British Intelligence Service.

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