live_chat_snapengageAlmost a year ago, Netflix made major headlines when a conversation with one of their customer service reps went viral. Everyone was amazed to see that a customer service representative was not only helpful, but also going out of his way to delight a customer.

Sometimes, though, the customer is the one who makes the interaction amazing. As the person who handle’s’s SnapEngage live chat, I love to chat with our prospects, customers, and maybe the occasional troll — but one conversation I’ve had stands out from the rest. 

Below is one of my favorite conversations I’ve had to date with someone on HubSpot’s live chat. Normally I field questions about our pricing options, recent ebooks, and meetings with Sales … but this conversation went a little differently. Here’s how it began:

Miles: Interested in speaking with a member of our sales team? Message me here and I’m happy to connect you. 

Visitor: Hi Miles do you like Star Wars?

In situations like this, I usually assume the person’s trolling me, so I’ll try to see if I can shift the conversation to something HubSpot-related. However, I absolutely LOVE Star Wars and wanted to see what this visitor had to say. Here’s how the rest went:

Miles: Yes. 

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Visitor: That’s wonderful. Who is your favorite Jedi?

Visitor: Miles are you still there? It’s important that I get the answer to this question

Visitor: I don’t want to spend my marketing budget with an organization that has poor taste in Jedi

That’s a loaded question. It’s equivalent to asking someone if they have a favorite ice cream — most people have a handful of favorites, but never one they can say they love definitively. I kicked my mind into nerd overdrive and chose a more obscure Jedi Knight …

Miles: Plo-Koon

Miles: If that is how you spell it? 

Then the conversation took a turn I did not expect …

Visitor: Who do you think would win in a fight, Plo-Koon or Spider-Man?

Miles: Lets be real

Miles: Plo Koon

Visitor: what

Visitor: Miles

Visitor: Does Plo Koon have the ability to shoot webs?

Visitor: Spider-Man would web him up before he could reach his lightsaber

I was caught off guard, but had to go with my gut. A Jedi Knight could easily dispose of Spider-Man … but then again, he made some very valid points. The banter continued:

Miles: Nope but he has the Force which Spider-Man can’t foresee with spidey sense 

Visitor: but perhaps Spider-Man is force sensitive but untrained

Visitor: how else do you explain spidey sense?

Miles: A side effect of radioactive chemicals 

Visitor: hmm

Visitor: a compelling argument

Visitor: what if the force is caused by radioactive chemicals?

Miles: I dont think it works that way 

Miles: I mean give the fact that they can control plasma and generate a concentrated beam to fight with … I don’t think radiation is an issue. Plus Spider-Man is just a wimpy teenager 

Miles: Vader brought order to the Force

Miles: Not Luke 

Visitor: waaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Visitor: huh

Miles: Yep. 

Visitor: apparently you are correct


Visitor: I am very impressed with the depth of knowledge at Hubspot

Visitor: have you considered writing a white paper about this issue?

Visitor: I’m fairly confident I am not the only Fortune 500 CMO who would like expert advice on which fictional characters could defeat other fictional characters

After all of our banter and theorizing, I was actually laughing out loud. This was one of the strangest yet most entertaining HubSpot live-chats I’ve had. But it wasn’t over just yet:

Visitor: I made something for you


Visitor: please accept it as a humble token of my appreciation for your helping me to realize that Luke was not the one who brought balance to the force but Anakin

Miles: No problem! 

Miles: HubSpot, always educating the masses on inbound and Star Wars

Miles: I’m going to print and frame this 

Visitor: aw 

Visitor: this was a very special live chat session

Miles: That is was

Visitor: anyway Miles I am going to go eat lunch

Chat is always interesting to say the least. I get to chat with all sorts of people and see how I can help them — usually, I’m aiming to be the one doing the day-brightening.

So, to the person who reached out to me to ask if I like Star Wars: I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to brighten mine with talk about which fictional character would win in a fight. I still stand by Plo Koon.

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