“When you call it a marketing team, no one knows for sure what you’re supposed to do. But when you call it a growth team, everyone knows exactly what the goal is and what you need to do everyday.

– Craig Miller

On this episode of The Growth Show, HubSpot’s Mike Volpe and Meghan Keaney Anderson sit down with Craig Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Shopify. Listen to the podcast to learn why Miller thinks engineers make great marketers, why he decided to rebrand the marketing team as the growth team, and why there are golden opportunities in the “boring” parts of your website.

In this interview, Craig also discusses:

  • The nuts and bolts of how Shopify managed to spark 10X growth in a short period of time
  • Why he doesn’t like the word “marketing”
  • Why growth doesn’t just come from having a great product
  • How they’ve found unique opportunities to delight customers
  • His number one piece of advice for any marketer
  • The importance of trying as many things as possible and learning from what works

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