Scrolling through Internet websites seems to be such an easy process. But have you ever thought about how the users’ journey is created? How can the idea be transformed into a digital working platform? Even though no one is surprised upon hearing the words “web development” nowadays, it is not simply pressing the buttons. Building a website requires not only extensive technical skills but also creative thinking, expertise in marketing, and impeccable knowledge of programming languages.

In theory, one person can create a website if he or she possesses at least some of the skills listed above. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such a site can ever be monetized. Such a resource will not reflect the company’s values and won’t be able to become a quality business card.

Therefore, it is better to divide a process into different tasks and entrust real professionals with them. But here comes the next puzzling question: how to compose an appropriate web development team to make sure the future website is perfect from top to bottom? Let’s delve into the issue of web development and study it step by step.

Types of Web Development Teams

Of course, before gathering staff members it is crucial to define the type of the team and its main points to focus on. Web development teams can be categorized as follows:

  • Local development teams: This type can significantly simplify the process of communication between the team members and their clients. Moreover, it will be easier to solve legal problems in case there are any. Still, the cost of services can be relatively high.
  • Onshore outsourcing: This corresponds to a team working from the same country as their clients. The main benefits include the same time zone and similar mental peculiarities. Team members and clients are quick in catching on with one another, so it is a good option.
  • Development teams from neighboring countries: This variant can turn out to be slightly cheaper than the previous types of teams.
  • Offshore teams: When choosing a team located far away from your spot, be ready to face some challenges in communication and mutual understanding. Nevertheless, this option will be available for those relying on a shoestring budget.

Choosing Experts for Your Web Development Team

When building a team, do not forget that it should be not only a collection of professionals but also a “close-knit family” of people who move towards their common objective. The following checklist is elaborated to show you what specialists must a web development team include:

Market Analyst

Analytical work is an important stage of the development process. It is a way to understand the needs of the target audience, learn from the best examples, recognize existing mistakes, and eliminate them. The main responsibility is to study the needs of customers, devise a strategy for the website creation and further promotion, and introduce the scheme of its implementation. Selecting the right vector of project development without a marketer can turn out to be more difficult than expected.

UX / UI Designer

A UX designer’s function is to create a prototype of the final web resource. Their work is indispensable for understanding the placement of elements, determining the functionality, and selecting the tools for implementation. The UI designer creates a cover for the sample, developed by the UX designer. It is in their function to make the site user-friendly and stylish.

Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is a specialist who codes the website pages, divides the text into separate pages, and assembles it with appropriate illustrations. They know how to create HTML templates for websites and write HTML code, know how to graphically design a page, and place elements on it correctly. A front-end developer implements the idea of ​​the page conceived by the designer in the form of code.

Back-End Developer

One of the main tasks in the web development process rests with the functions of a programmer. A backend developer creates components that are available to the user of an application or site through an interface. To put it simply, programmers are those people who develop everything that the user does not see and cannot touch.

Therefore, the work of the backend specialists can be extremely difficult to evaluate, in contrast to the front-end, whose results can be estimated by ordinary people.

Project Manager

Even the most experienced team can face the problem of inconsistency and lack of mutual understanding. Therefore, a leader is always needed when there is a project to deal with. A manager solves administrative and organizational tasks and monitors the progress of a team, its ability to comply with deadlines. Project managers have the primary responsibility for achieving a successful result. With the effective work of a team leader, a client is relieved of the need to control and manage the entire development process.

SEO Specialist

Do not rush to worry but completing a web development project is just a start point. Then you will need to attract clients to it, which means that SEO experts should be engaged from the very beginning.

Internal website optimization allows it to move organically in search engines. This is performed by an SEO specialist. They create the semantic core, work out the content plan, and develop the structure of the texts to be relevant for further promotion.

Additional Professionals You May Need

Web development teams are often supplemented with experts in other fields, especially when the projects are large-scale and comprehensive:

  • Web server administrators
  • Writers and content managers (creating content is one of the most important parts of filling the web resource)
  • Testers (making sure there are no malfunctions before launching the product)
  • Technical designers with a growth perspective


The process of selecting an appropriate web development team for the project is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. But remember that creating a digital resource requires the extensive knowledge and experience of several professionals.

Therefore, be ready to arm yourself with some patience and look up to those teams consisting of an array of specialists. Pay attention to the distribution of functions as well as the overall spirit inside the team. A combination of professional expertise and sharing ideas and experience is a key to quality web development teamwork.

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