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When designing your site, think of your homepage as a virtual front door. If a new visitor doesn’t like what they see, their knee-jerk reaction is to hit the “back” button.

So, what makes a website’s homepage design brilliant instead of bland?Continue Reading

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Landing Page

The warm welcome that your landing page provides is the jumpstart to your visitor’s interactions with the rest of your site and your organization. Establish a few precise goals for your landing page, and then take action to publish the elements necessary to accomplish themContinue Reading

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Scrolling through Internet websites seems to be such an easy process. But have you ever thought about how the users’ journey is created? How can the idea be transformed into a digital working platform? Even though no one is surprised upon hearing the words “web development” nowadays, it is not simply pressing the buttons.Continue Reading

Importance of Graphic Design in Business Marketing

Going online is proven to be a key advantage in today’s competitive business world. What’s more, customers carry out in-depth online research on online products or services and spend more time on beautifully designed sites before making any purchase decision. Not only do they check out websites, but they also interact with them longer..Continue Reading

Studio Fortunes Premium Website Promotion Platform

A lot of effort and research goes into making website copy. So it comes as no surprise that so many amateur bloggers don’t give their website copy a do-over when needed. Even if you are writing evergreen content with concepts that don’t change in response to the passage of time, it’s still important to update …Continue Reading