annoyed-woman-computerEver feel like technology is mocking you? 

Like algorithms are trying to ruin your relationships? 

That personalization tokens know more about you than you know about yourself?

Me too. To make you feel a little less alone when it happens to you, check out 10 times technology, algorithms, and personalization maybe should’ve taken the day off.

1) When Google surfaces this ad for a one-person spam recipe.


Just in case you forget you’re single.

2) When Foodler reminds you of your last order, which was totally gross.


The spare rib gets you over the delivery minimum, but it doesn’t get you back your dignity.

3) That time the Which Mad Men Character Are You? quiz compares you to literally the only character you were trying not to get.


Just keep taking it til you get Don.

4) When Groupon seems to really be pushing the wax jobs.


If you get a wax, do you stop seeing the spam recipes for one?

5) That Facebook seems determined to thoroughly freak out your boyfriend.


You’re looking for your engaged friend …

6) When Spotify thinks you’d be into Akon.

Or that this person would be into country:


Or whatever your personal music tastes definitively are not.

7) When you can’t complete a CAPTCHA and start to question if maybe you really aren’t a real live human.

8) That time you receive several reminders that no one is showing up to your Ohours. 


9) When you receive the sobering image of what you look like when you’re running a race.

Opening a post-race photo email is the only scientifically proven way to cure you of runner’s high.

You expect this:


You get this:


(Race photo via Mark Remy, the genius who pegged the term “race face.”)

10) And finally, when MySpace reminds us all that ten years ago wasn’t our best year.


When has technology made you feel bad? 

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