There are plenty of ways to use your Twitter cover image to promote your business. You can implement different tactics at different times, depending on what’s going on in your business at the moment. It’s easy to mix your cover image up and keep things fresh, while always being consistent with your branding.

To inspire your next Twitter cover photo change, check out some great examples below. 

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1) Build Instant Trust


Rebekah has an impressive social media pedigree. Using an “As Seen On” box and a half-circle badge, she doesn’t shy away from sharing some of the prestigious places where her work has appeared. With names like those behind her, she has instant credibility.

Her one-of-a-kind gorgeous smile also draws you in and her trademark orange fits nicely with the rest of her branding, which means if you know her on other platforms, you’ll know for sure you’re in the right place here.

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Takeaway: Have something you’re proud of? Show it off! Keep your branding consistent with other platforms.

2) Turn Your Twitter Image into a Quick Business Overview


No need to wonder what you’ll get from the dynamic duo over at Web Search Social.  One look tells you exactly what you can expect. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Takeaway: Use your Twitter cover image to tell people exactly what they can expect from your business and from your tweets. You know that compliment you give your most transparent friends, “What you see is what you get with her”? That’ll be you on Twitter.

3) Highlight an Upcoming Event


Vincent is going to be speaking at the upcoming Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. This reinforces him as the Pinterest “specialist | speaker | strategist” he is. The background image also gives a little nod to his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

Takeaway: Have an upcoming trade show, speaking event or other exciting announcement? Make it here!

4) Promote the Lifestyle


Normally a suggestion for use on Pinterest, fitness tracker company FitBit does a great job of building on the desires of their followers to improve their lifestyle – on Twitter.  While the product does make a couple of appearances, the overall impression you get is that this is a company that promotes an active lifestyle. If that’s what appeals to you, you might be more inclined to follow and engage!

Takeaway: If you have a lifestyle product or service, consider how you might depict that to your audience. You may find it more effective than a shot of your product.

5) Highlight Your Recent Content and Provide Outreach Context


Recently, I completed an ebook on Houzz marketing. I wanted to do a little proactive outreach on Twitter to get it in front of as many people as possible. Since the people I was tweeting to might not know OverGo and the connection with Houzz marketing, the split screen Twitter cover image provides instant context.

Takeaway: If you have some popular content on your site, direct Tweets to it from your cover photo. You might also temporarily change the URL on your profile to send them directly to the appropriate page on your site instead of the home page.

6) Announce a New Product and Promote a Hashtag


Mazda uses a gorgeous, eye-catching image of two upcoming new models to get people excited about them, and to highlight their innovations. The prominent tagline reminds superfans how to start a conversation if they so desire.

Takeaway: Use professional photography when showcasing your products. If you want to promote a custom hashtag (and why wouldn’t you?) make it easy by including it here.

7) Showcase Your Personality


If you ARE your brand, as is Gary Vaynerchuk, play up your fabulous personality. These images may be all about business, but they are full of personality. Bonus – he highlights his hashtag to let followers know how to easily join the conversation.

Takeaway: You don’t have to be a big a personality as Gary Vee to appeal to people by just being you. Showcase your accomplishments, your passions, and your winning smile.

8) Set the Tone


The vintage typewriter and bright flowers are perfectly Peg. Classy, bright, cheerful – her cover image sets the tone for what she tweets.

Takeaway: Keeping all your branding consistent with the tone and substance of your marketing makes people want to follow and interact.

So, how will you use your Twitter cover this month? Have you seen other clever uses of Twitter cover images?

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