mismatched-heart-socksThe way you pair several fonts could make or break the success of your design. When done right, font pairings can help you capture your audience’s attention, get your readers to feel something, and reinforce your message. But when done wrong, it can clash, confuse your readers, and even look like a design mistake.

But it’s tricky enough to choose one custom font for your marketing — now you have to choose another one that complements it? How do you know which ones look good together and which ones don’t? Can’t someone just tell you?

Why, yes, yes they can. And that someone is FastPrint. In the cheat sheet below, they list 20 of the most popular Google Fonts and show us which of them pair really well together, which of them pair OK together, and which you should avoid putting together.

This is a huge time-saver for marketers everywhere who want to mix fonts but don’t know where to start. So check it out, find and download these fonts on Google Fonts, install them on your computer, and get matchin’!

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Bonus: Want help adding custom fonts to your computer? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

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