The proudest moment of my entire career, at HubSpot and beyond, was in September 2014.

Surrounded by over 10,000 people at our INBOUND conference, the impact that inbound has had on marketing, sales, and business was undeniable. What started as just an idea when Dharmesh and I were at MIT had grown into a movement, and hearing about the impact that inbound has had on companies and customers worldwide was truly humbling.

This past INBOUND is just one reason 2014 was the best year in HubSpot history. To give you a glimpse into more of our proudest milestones and achievements, I’m excited to share HubSpot’s 2014 Year in Review, a celebration of the growth of our business, our team, and most importantly, our customers. Check out the entire review or keep reading to get some high-level insights of our company’s past year.


A Look Back at 2014

This past year, we expanded our global footprint this past year by reaching over 13,500 customers in 90+ countries and opening a new office in Australia. As a result, we grew to 785 employees across Cambridge, Dublin, and Sydney to support our growing inbound community.

By unveiling buzzworthy new office space (including a nap room) and introducing a five-year sabbatical program, we continued to carry out our promise of creating the innovative workplace outlined in our Culture Code. Our team worked diligently to solve for the customer, successfully launching a CRM, Sidekick Sales Acceleration, and updates to our marketing platform driven entirely by customer feedback.

These highlights were all key factors in driving our game-changing moment of 2014. After eight years of prep, HubSpot became a public company on October 9th. In the weeks following the IPO, there was something in the air at HubSpot, a momentum that made our commitment to helping businesses grow even stronger.

You may have heard Dharmesh define success as, “Making those who believed in you look brilliant.” Our customers, partners, and community have believed in HubSpot since day one; your tremendous growth this past year is a testament to how far we, as a company and as an inbound movement, have come.

As we kick off 2015 with big ambitions and aggressive goals, we are committed to making you look brilliant. Thank you for making 2014 unforgettable.  

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