Panda Security has compiled a helpful list of tips to boost WiFi signal in your home or business.  Read on to learn how to keep your WiFi functioning at its optimal performance.  And make sure to visit their blog post to get all the details!

  • The physical location of your WiFi router matters.  Where you situate the WiFi router determines how the signal is distributed throughout your building, so make sure to place it strategically for the best WiFi quality.  Avoid high-traffic places with lots of people.  Don’t put the router near electronic devices, and avoid surrounding the router with metal objects, or placing it near thick walls.  You want to minimize signal interference as much as possible.  Also, place the router in a high location.
  • Strengthen the signal with an additional antenna.  Many routers are equipped with an internal antenna, while some have external antennas on the outside of the router.  You may want to consider adding an external antenna to further boost signal.  There are two types of external antennas – omnidirectional antennas send signal in all directions, while directional antennas broadcast signal in one direction.  For the strongest signal, choose an antenna with high gain – this is measured in dBi – but be careful as the highest-gain antennas are typically directional and so they only broadcast signal in one direction.  Therefore, make sure to point the directional antenna with high gain towards the part of your house which needs internet.
  • Be smart and avoid data moochers.  Keep freeloaders — who may steal precious bandwidth and slow down your connection – out of your WiFi network.  You can do this by hiding your WiFi network name (also called an SSID) so that you must type it in.  Also, choose a secure WiFi password that is at least 14 characters and includes letters, numbers, and characters.  You can make these changes by updating your router’s firmware settings according to manufacturer instructions.  You may also consider investing in special software to see who is on your network.
  • Use a range extender.  A range extender, as its name implies, picks up your router’s WiFi signal and amplifies it to make the signal travel farther.  This can be a good solution for a large space such as a multi-level building or a large office.  

Want more information? Head over to Panda Security ’s blog for these and other tips, and a helpful infographic!

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