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The 19 Best WordPress Themes and Templates in 2018

Envision your favorite website.

Does it have a theme? Is the content organized in a way that makes sense? Does it match the overall aesthetic and look of the company’s branding? Are there images and other visual features paired with the written content?

All of these elements, which are common on successful websites, can easily be implemented on your own site with the help of a theme or template. And for those who create (or plan to create) your website on WordPress, there’s even better news — the software makes it exceptionally easy to implement a theme or template on your site.

WordPress has an entire library of plugins and theme options available for you to install and use instantly. With these themes and templates, your business — no matter the size or industry — can have a website with a unique and visually pleasing appearance.

Below, we’ve listed 19 of the best WordPress themes and templates and categorized them by type. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme or one made for e-commerce, creative content, or niche work, there is an option that will help you achieve the look and organization you are hoping for on your website.


Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

Multi-purpose WordPress themes are suitable for all industries. They’re versatile and can fit the needs of any business.

1. StudioPress


Source: StudioPress

StudioPress is unique because it gives you a very simple framework, the Genesis Framework, on which you can build upon with their themes. StudioPress allows you to utilize features to completely customize your website, access expert support whenever you need it, and work on multiple websites at once. There are also automatic, free migrations that save you time, as well as included SSL (secure sockets layer) so your site is as fast and secure as possible.

With StudioPress, you’ll have access to over 35 different themes suitable for any type of business, from a startup to a blog to an enterprise. All themes are “Gutenberg ready” (Gutenberg is the WordPress editor) so you can spend less time on your website’s content design and editing processes and more time on your business.

2. Theme X


Source: Theme X

Theme X has an easy-to-use page builder, shortcodes that help you customize your site, and a responsive design. The theme also allows you to use their live previewer to see exactly what your website will look like with your logo, content, and images before publishing it online.

Theme X includes four “stacks” that allow you to choose from a variety of unique designs and layouts. Each theme allows you to customize your layout, move your navigation bar, and create custom pages for any business.

3. Theme Fusion


Source: Theme Fusion

Theme Fusion makes it easy to browse all theme and template options, none of which require coding. It’s customizable down to each element on your site and is a great option if you’re looking for a multi-purpose, easy-to-use WordPress theme. It also has professionally created demos available for download so you can import them into your site and add whatever content you want.

4. Divi

Source: Divi

Divi is one of the most popular themes on the market today due to its versatility and ability to work for so many different types of businesses. It offers responsive design and editing, premade layouts, and minimal website page loading time. The theme has 46 content elements and 20+ premade theme layouts that you can mix and match to achieve any look you want.

5. Avada

Source: Avada

“This theme uses a drag-and-drop builder that makes it possible for nearly anyone to build, design, and customize a web page. I have no web design background, but when our web designers are on a tight schedule, Avada makes it easy for me to lend a hand and help them with their web design and development projects,” says Keri Lindenmuth of KDG.

Over 450,000 websites use Avada, making it one of the most popular themes on the market. It’s easy to use, versatile, and requires no coding knowledge. You can achieve virtually any look or style with Avada — it has dozens of customizable templates fit for any business.


Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Give your online store a unique look and great user experience with these themes fit for all of your e-commerce site needs.

1. UX Themes


Source: UX Themes

UX Themes is the creator of the Flatsome WooCommerce Theme for WordPress. The Flatsome Theme includes a responsive design and drag-and-drop page functionality, which means no coding knowledge is required.

UX Themes is ideal for e-commerce sites. Their themes have predefined layouts so you can quickly add your content and go live. There are also demos for each theme option so you can easily envision the look of your own website prior to making a purchase.

2. Indigo

Source: Indigo

Indigo is quick to install, can be translated into any language, and is optimized for mobile. Your theme will be updated automatically, and Indigo’s constant support provides you with assistance whenever you need it.

The theme is ideal for e-commerce sites because of its unique features, such as a contact form builder, access to Google Fonts, and the ability to upload custom fonts. There are also unlimited custom sidebar options to achieve any look you want.

3. Salient


Source: Salient

Salient has a unique visual design that includes a mobile video background so your video auto-plays on supported devices. This adds an experience many other WordPress themes don’t provide. The theme also has an interactive design that’s great for online shopping, item browsing, and making purchases.


Creative WordPress Themes

Whether you are sharing your portfolio, blog, or freelance work, these creative themes have layout options and visual features that will make your website stand out.

1. Undsgn


Source: Undsgn

Undsgn allows you to “test drive” the theme with all of your content prior to making a purchase. You can customize your navigation bars, fonts, colors, and images on each page of your website with this theme. You can also insert page redirects and change your menu styles within the theme so your site functions how you want it.. Undsgn works best for creative businesses, web-studios, and designers.

2. Bridge


Source: Bridge

“The Bridge theme comes with around 350 demo sites so you can get the bones of a fully styled site and a working responsive design in no time.” – Marcus Miller of Bowler Hat.

With interactive elements, the Google Font library, and custom menus, Bridge is a great theme option for anyone looking to implement a portfolio layout on their WordPress website and mobile site.

3. Artbees


Source: Artbees

Artbees is a creative WordPress theme that has two pre-designed templates — Jupiter and Ken. Jupiter is ideal for large businesses, freelancers, and marketers. Ken, is ideal for smaller businesses, artists, and creative professionals. Jupiter has a total of over 140 different pre-designed templates that you can pick from. Ken allows you to create visual layouts that display your work in a more artistic way.

4. Kalium


Source: Kalium

Kalium is one of the easiest themes to set up due to its “Premium Page Builder” feature that lets you build pages in a matter minutes. But if you do have time to spare, you can use it to create custom post layouts. Kalium allows you to select from multiple styles and formats so you can make the content you’re sharing more exciting to view and read.

Kalium is a great theme option if you’re looking to create a website for fashion, photography, travel, restaurant, freelance, or agency work. The theme has one-click installation and over 30 portfolio item types to choose from to help you customize your site.

5. Hestia


Source: WordPress

Hestia is an SEO-focused theme with a Retina-ready design. It has a multi-purpose, one-page design that works best for creative businesses and startups. The theme also contains a blog page and several layout options for portfolio work.

6. Ultra


Source: WordPress

Ultra has a straightforward, responsive design, drag-and-drop layouts, and a customizable homepage with a full-width headline. All Ultra themes are SEO-optimized and backed by an expert support team available whenever you may need it.

This theme has a clean design, which makes it easy to customize pages without having to write your own code. Ultra themes are ideal for creative businesses, portfolios, and blogs.


Niche WordPress Themes

If you work in a specific industry or require certain features from your WordPress theme due to your unique website needs, the following options for niche businesses may be right for you.

1. Stylemix Themes


Source: Stylemix Themes

Stylemix allows you to create a tailor-made WordPress theme for your website. The theme works best for business, education, and sports and health websites. No matter which theme you choose, Stylemix ensures you get a professional and polished look with their editor, free updates and consultations, access to a ticket system and forum, and 24/7 customer support.

Stylemix has very specific themes that are helpful for niche businesses. The business category has themes that are tailored to industries like cryptocurrency, consulting, and car dealerships. Their education themes cover all levels of schooling, and the sports and health themes work for sports clubs, health coaches, and dentists, and doctors.

2. Create


Source: WordPress

Create’s WordPress theme has a responsive design, reliable support, and a large headline with a full-page background to give your website a unique look. The theme also comes with a built-in German translation.

Create has theme options that work well for large organizations and enterprises that want to create web portals — which are websites that contain and organize information from a wide group of sources in a uniform way. The theme allows you to add widgets to your sidebar and tailor it to your user’s needs.

3. UpSolution


Source: UpSolution

UpSolution themes allow you to choose unique color combinations and animations to enhance your website’s appearance and user experience. You can test out as many visual options you want and input all of your website’s content prior to making a purchase.

UpSolution’s two themes are tailored to different types of businesses. Impreza is a multi-purpose, creative theme ideal for startups, portfolios, blogs, and agencies. Zephyr is ideal for anyone looking for a material design theme (meaning it integrates with other technologies such as HTML5) so your website visitors have a better user experience tailored to their exact needs.

4. tagDiv


Source: tagDiv

tagDiv is a series of WordPress themes created specifically for news sites. The themes are fully customizable and include drag-and-drop features that allow you to completely rearrange your site’s layout so publishing your news-related content is quick and easy. There are two options to choose from — one for newspapers and one for news magazines.

5. GeneratePress


Source: GeneratePress

“GeneratePress is very well optimized … [it is] great for those that want light and speedy sites,” says Marko Saric of

Since GeneratePress is “light” (the theme is only 30kb), it takes up minimal space and keeps your site quick and responsive. Hooks, filters, built-in fonts, and compatibility with a number of WordPress plugins make this theme ideal for businesses that want a website they can completely customize.


With a great WordPress theme or template, your website will easily be transformed into the web home you always knew it could be. With different layouts, content options, and features to choose from, there is an option that will work for every business and industry. Give a few of the themes and templates mentioned above a try, or head to the WordPress theme and template library to review even more options, and get started designing your dream website today.