appleliveToday was the day. Apple was finally about to announce its brand new iPhone and a slew of other new gadgets — and Apple was finally hosting a live stream of its own. In anticipation, we all blocked off our calendars for the event’s duration, glued ourselves to the computer, and pulled up the live stream. 

That’s when the problems began. It didn’t work in any browser but Safari. The audio began playing in several languages simultaneously. The video cut in and out. And when the video did start working again, one of the people demoing the new features had a very interesting outfit choice — a burgundy infinity scarf.

It was a perfect storm of mistakes — and of course folks on Twitter began to poke fun at the craziness of the whole situation. Catch up on some of the funniest ones below:

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Image credit: deerkoski

Did you tune into Apple’s live stream? What were some of the funniest tweets you’ve seen? 

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