For schools, having a great website is no longer an added bonus. Parents and students alike make decisions online, and your website has a great deal to do with that process. 

The good news, is that it no longer takes an entire IT department to turn a mediocre website into a great one. In our new ebook for education marketers, 15 Website Must-Haves for Driving More Inquiries and Applications, we offer quick wins to help you optimize your school’s sites to both attract more traffic, and drive more leads.

You’ll learn all about: 

  1. Inbound links
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Meta Tags
  4. 301 Redirects
  5. First impressions
  6. Consistent layout and structure 
  7. Compelling images
  8. Clear navigation
  9. Accessibility and mobile responsiveness
  10. Perceivable value
  11. Quality content 
  12. Blog
  13. Social sharing 
  14. Student or Parent Testimonials
  15. Landing Pages and Forms

Ready to dive in? Snag your copy of our free ebook here >>

Efficient Education Marketing Machine - Free Ebook

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