“We need more leads.” 

Pretty much every B2B marketer has heard this phrase from their sales team at some point in their career. And after hearing it, most marketers are left in a sticky situation: They suddenly have to do more with the same budget and the same number of hours in a week. 

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to generate leads without breaking the bank or working every single weekend. In the SlideShare presentation and post below, we’ll go over five quick and easy methods that can boost your lead flow with very little time investment. And if you want even more tried and tested tactics for lead gen, sign up to our free four-week email course Double Your Lead Flow in 30 Days.

1) Use subscribe forms at the end of your blog posts.

Test: To increase conversions, we tried embedding a subscribe form at the end of each blog post rather than a CTA button.

Results: Conversions increased by 20%.

How to do it:

Don’t use a CTA button like this one:


Instead, try embedding a one-field form like this one:


2) A/B test your content titles.

Test: We changed the title of an ebook from “The Productivity Handbook for Busy Marketers” to “7 Apps That Will Change the Way You Do Marketing.” 

Result: We increased leads by 776%.

How to do it: 

  • Every time you create a new piece of content, come up with 10 of the best titles you can think of.
  • Once you have your 10 titles, get into a room with several of your peers and whittle them down to the two strongest.
  • A/B test both titles on a smaller sample of people and then go with the winning title for your larger promotion. 

3) Use Facebook dark posts.

Test: Jon Loomer tested Facebook dark posts (News Feed-style ads that don’t actually get published to your Page’s News Feed) with a small budget to calculate potential ROI.

Result: He saw a 35x ROI from investing the better part of his $279.96 Facebook ad investment in dark posts.

How to do it: Facebook Dark Posts are a great way to get really targeted with your Facebook ads. Our partner, Duct Tape Marketing, has a really great blog here to help you get set up with your first one. You can also read Jon Loomer’s success story here. 

4) Use progressive profiling on landing page forms.

Test: ImageScape reduced the number of form fields to see if a client’s conversion rate would increase.

Result: They improved a client’s conversion rate by 120% by reducing the number of form fields from 11 to 4.

How to do it: To reduce the number of form fields on landing page while still collecting the information you need to rotate leads to Sales, you can use progressive profiling. Progressive profiling is a feature that detects whether the user has already filled out another form on your site and lets you replace previously captured fields with a new set of fields.

The specific setup process will depend on the marketing software you have in place, but it will typically involve specifying which questions you want to show to your leads and in what order they should be shown. Read more on progressive profiling here.

5) Test the color of your CTA buttons.

Test: We tested a green CTA button against a red one to see what effect it would have on conversions. 

Result: The red button outperformed the green by 21%.

How to do it: Use your marketing software to run the same A/B test. Test a strong, contrasting color against one that fits in the theme of your landing page — usually, the former will perform much better. 

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