We all want to crush our goals month in and month out. Right?

But just because we want to crush our goals doesn’t mean it always happens. We’ve all had a time in our career when we didn’t achieve our company’s goals.

It happens more often than you’d think. In a recent study, we found that only 23% of people were exceeding their revenue goals. Fifty-two percent were simply achieving their goals, and 20% weren’t meeting them at all. 

And there was one very clear pattern among those who weren’t exceeding their revenue goals: 74% didn’t know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunity numbers. (Tweet this stat). 


This becomes a vicious cycle. How can you grow your customer base and get more revenue if you don’t know how leads are coming into and moving down your funnel? You can’t — at least not in a predictable way. 

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The good news is that there is an easy fix: Start tracking your funnel. Figure out the number of average monthly website visitors, leads, MQLs, and sales opportunities you’re generating and keep track of the conversion rates at each stage. (With the right software, this is actually very easy to do.)

Of course, there are a number of things that impact revenue and we aren’t suggesting that knowing your funnel metrics is the only answer. But it’s a great place to start. 

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