As a recruiter, your job isn’t just limited to finding qualified candidates to fill your company’s new roles. You also have to promote these roles and convince the best applicants to join your company. In other words, you’re not just a recruiter — you’re also a marketer and a sales person.

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As a marketer of your employer’s mission and culture, you need to think like a content strategist, especially during the digital age. But instead of posting content on social media and search engines to attract the best fit customers for your company, you need to post compelling ads on job boards to persuade the most competent candidates to apply for your open roles.

But how do you do know which job boards will pull in the most accomplished applicants? To help you spend your time and recruiting budget wisely, we’ve compiled a list of the best job boards that will help you attract the most qualified candidates.

1. Glassdoor

As one of the most popular job boards out there, Glassdoor has over 62 million job seekers visit its website each month, giving you access to one of the largest and most diverse pool of applicants.

Glassdoor is usually the go-to resource for people to find jobs, so you’ll probably source the highest quantity and quality of applicants from the platform, which will help you hire more qualified candidates faster. According to Glassdoor’s own data, their candidates are also two times more likely to get hired and have a 30% higher retention rate than candidates on other job boards.

If you want to try out Glassdoor before you buy their premium version, they offer a free trial that lets you post up to 10 jobs and gives you job description templates. When you’re ready to pay for their premium package, the paid version lets you update and brand your company’s profile, provides robust analytics, like profile traffic, candidate demographics, and competitive intelligence, and offers sponsored job ads, which get 13 times more clicks than normal job postings.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

With a network of over 500 million professionals and nine million companies, LinkedIn naturally lends itself to connecting job seekers with employers. In fact, a hire is made on LinkedIn every 10 seconds and 90% of their users are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

As a social media site for the working world, LinkedIn lets you search for candidates with their advanced filtering options and message them through InMail. If you recruit using LinkedIn Jobs, you’ll have access to a candidate recommendations feed and a candidate management dashboard, where you can track your candidates from application to hire.

LinkedIn also offers sponsored ad distribution through email and LinkedIn. You’ll only pay LinkedIn when people click on your job ad, so you’re paying for results, not impressions.

3. Indeed

200 million people visit Indeed’s website each month, which gives you access to the largest pool of job seekers out of all the job boards on this list.

To attract qualified candidates on Indeed, you can customize your company page to showcase your culture and pay for sponsored job ads, which get up to five times more clicks than normal job postings.

If you want to reach out to job seekers first, you can sift through over 120 million resumes in their resume database.

4. Handshake

If you offer internships and entry level jobs, Handshake is one of the best job boards for hiring exceptional college students and recent graduates. Over 14 million students and young alumni from more than 700 colleges and universities create profiles on Handshake to find internships or their first job. And along with more than 300,000 companies, every Fortune 500 Companies uses Handshake to hire their next class of interns and entry-level employees.

Handshake has such a large network of job seekers because the schools they partner with usually commit to only using one platform to help their students and young alumni find jobs, and they’ve all decided to trust Handshake with this endeavor.

To help you pinpoint your best-fit candidates out of their large pool of potential hires, Handshake lets you narrow down candidates with advanced filtering options, message students directly on the platform, and schedule on-campus interviews, informational sessions, and chats at career fairs.

5. Google Job Search

Millions of job seekers search for open roles on Google every day. But instead of making people click through to a job board and browse through openings, Google offers a service where you can post your jobs directly on their search engine.

All you have to do is integrate your website with Google Job Search or connect the job board you post open roles on to the search engine. Removing this extra step from your application process spreads awareness for more of your open roles and increases the likelihood that you’ll attract higher quality applicants.

Choosing the right job board is crucial for faster and better hiring.

There are hundreds of job boards on the internet, but not all of them are created equal. Fortunately, most job seekers trust and have found rewarding roles on these five popular job boards, giving you a deep pool of talent to recruit and hire from.

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