A company won’t survive if it doesn’t meet its revenue goals. That’s why revenue isn’t just the sales team’s problem — it’s every department’s problem. An effective marketing team will set up the sales team for success by generating valuable leads and nurturing them until they’re ready to be passed to sales reps.

But the partnership doesn’t end there. When the sales team is struggling to make its goal towards the close of a tough month, marketers shouldn’t just stand around and twiddle their thumbs. They should get in the trenches and help their colleagues any way they can.

When the going gets rough, Marketing should have Sales’ back. Not sure how marketers can support salespeople when it gets down to the wire? Here are five ideas for how to support reps during crunch time.

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5 Ways Marketing Can Help Sales

1) Jump on a call.

Are you a product expert? Get on a call. An industry veteran? Get on a call. An influential executive? Get on a call.

Depending on a prospect’s needs, one of the best ways you can help a rep struggling to close a deal is by joining a call and sharing your perspective. Consider setting up a system that allows sales reps to book people in the marketing organization or other departments based on their expertise. Sometimes all it takes to get a contract signed is 10 minutes with a subject-matter expert.

2) Do a demo.

Towards the end of the month, a rep might be so swamped that they can’t keep up with all their prospects. In this case, volunteering to give a demo is akin to a godsend.

Conducting a demo is also helpful if a prospect has technical questions that surpass the sales rep’s knowledge. If you’re a product expert, guiding or joining a demo can significantly accelerate the decision process. (Read this post for tips on how to give a great demo.)

3) Introduce prospects to customer references.

Maybe a prospect just needs to check your references before signing on. If Marketing sets up a shared document or calendar listing customers who are available to chat, sales reps can easily connect prospects with references. If Marketing does the legwork in identifying customers and managing their schedules, Sales can bring in the deals.

4) Crowdsource answers.

Occasionally, a prospect will have a question that the sales rep can’t answer. In these scenarios, it’s very helpful for a marketer to track down the correct response on the rep’s behalf so they can keep selling. A smart way to do this is to set up a dedicated email address sales reps can send their toughest questions to, monitored by someone from the marketing team.

5) Show love on social.

Who doesn’t like getting a shoutout on social? If a deal wavering in the balance might benefit from a little public recognition, implore your social media manager to send some love the prospect’s way. Highlight a recent company accomplishment, or help get the word out about a new initiative. Any way you can use your social reach to help your prospect achieve their objectives will be much appreciated. In addition, a social shoutout demonstrates the level of support and care the prospect can expect if they become a customer.

Growth is a team sport. At the end of the month, it doesn’t matter if you’re in marketing or sales: Everyone is on the same team working towards the same goal. Make sure your sales organization knows they can count on Marketing when the going gets tough, and they’ll have your back when the situation is inevitably reversed.

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