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When your writing countless emails every day, its hard to run through each with a fine-toothed comb and insure you haven’t made any grammatical errors before hitting “send.” 

… And that goes for blog posts, too. After reading that introductory sentence, did you come to the conclusion that I was a bad writer? Not to worry — the spelling errors (“your” rather than “you’re,” “its” rather than “it’s,” “fine-toothed” rather than “fine-tooth,” “insure” rather than “ensure”) were intentionally added to prove a point. I will resume my use of spell check now.

While seemingly harmless, spelling and grammatical blunders can erode a writer’s credibility fast. Even if an email contains insightful ideas and thought-provoking points, it’s likely getting deleted if the prose is riddled with errors. 

In comes this SlideShare from Sidekick to the rescue. The deck lists 64 of the most common wording mishaps to steer clear of in your messaging, along with examples for correct usage. Before succumbing to email send trigger finger, give this presentation a quick read to guarantee your message will illicit a positive response rather than radio silence. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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