If there’s one marketing tactic that nonprofits often undervalue, blogging would likely be it. 

What’s so great about blogging? Blogging is a low-cost marketing asset with long-term returns. It is strongly related to attracting high-quality traffic, generating new supporters, and increasing awareness for your mission. But getting started with (or perfecting the art of) blogging is no easy task. 

Nonprofits in particular often struggle to find the time to create content on a consistent basis. And for those who do have the time, having the know-how to create blog content that drives results is a whole other battle. 

While we can’t write your blog for you, we can give you and your team the tools you need to create awesome blog content yourself. Sound like something you might be interested in? Our free ebook, An Introduction to Blogging for Nonprofits will show you: 

  • Why your organization should blog
  • How to find content and contributors for your blog
  • How to optimize your blog posts for search engines and social media
  • How to promote your blog
  • How to measure your blogging

You can download your copy of An Introduction to Blogging for Nonprofits here!

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Blogging for Nonprofits

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