No matter what industry you work in, the world of marketing has gotten faster, sleeker, and all-around more efficient. Schools in particular are moving away from slow, traditional marketing tactics, and toward nimble, online strategies. So how do you get started?

Our newest ebook, Building an Efficient Education Marketing Machine covers what schools need to know about increasing ROI in the digital age. Take a look at the intro below, and feel free to snag your own copy for free to read it in full! 

“As marketing gets more digital, it’s getting more efficient. Businesses now expect

to quantify their marketing ROI. Education marketing shouldn’t be any different.

promote your classified ad and website each month to: 1000`s of Advertising Pages each month including , 2000+ Classified Ad Pages, 500+ High Quality Private Blogs, and 100+ Web 2.0 Properties.

The explosion of digital

brings unlimited channels and methods to

reach your ideal students, and unlimited data points for you to analyze. That

means more opportunity to spend money that may or may not provide a return.

Understanding where and how your marketing efforts provide valuable return to

your institution is the golden goose of digital marketing. Those who best keep

up with its methods to better understand their markets will achieve the highest

ROI. In this book, we’ll take you though some of the most cost-effective (as well

as some of the least) digital marketing strategies for student acquisition.

Inbound marketing is an opportunity for schools to have true ownership of their marketing efforts by becoming their own publisher. No more having to rely entirely on gaining access to someone else’s audience. With inbound, you build your own audience who meets you in your own space. It’s the difference between owning and renting, between an ongoing investment in an appreciating asset or ongoing cost for a temporary result.”

Want to read-on? Download the full ebook for free here >> Building an Efficient Education Marketing Machine!

Efficient Education Marketing Machine - Free Ebook

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