entrepreneur_expiration_dateWhen we’re really young, it feels like we can’t wait to get to a certain age — when we hit that magic year, suddenly new things unlock. We can drive! We can vote! We can have an alcoholic beverage! All of these "benchmarks" in life are thrilling to approach and pass. 

… But after those benchmarks pass, it can feel a lot less exciting. The five- or ten-year marks start to remind us of the things that we haven’t accomplished yet — especially if our peers or people we admire have already accomplished them. It starts to feel like we shouldn’t do certain things just because we’re getting older, even if we are actually interested in doing them.

Well, that’s just not the case — especially when we’re considering starting a business. In their infographic below, Clarity will explain why the best time to become an entrepreneur is right now. Check it out below. 


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