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Take a second to imagine a business event you attended recently.

When the keynote presentation ended, it’s likely that a majority of the vendors and attendees flocked to the nearest charging station, pulled out their tablets and pretended to look busy, or awkwardly huddled with their coworkers around the tall tables by the refreshments.

While we’re all guilty of resorting to one of the actions above at least once, it’s important that you always remind yourself why you actually attended the event in the first place. Perhaps it was to find new business, network with peers in your industry, or close a deal.

And let’s be real — you’re not going to accomplish any of that if you sit at a table texting or pretending to do work on your laptop until it’s time to meet up with your colleagues for the afterparty. 

For tips on how to make the most out of any event, we created the infographic below. Be sure to read through the each step carefully to uncover the best advice on how to work the room at your next event.


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