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A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more in your marketing efforts for your educational institution. Videos can help your campus come to life for prospective students, as they see the people, programs, and places that make your school great. Especially if you have a lot of prospective students not from the immediate vincinity of your campus, video can be a good way to reach those who don’t have the opportunity to visit. Here are ten types of videos you should include in your marketing efforts. 

1) A campus tour video is the best word of mouth.

Pictures in brochures are great, but video is a much better way to show off your campus. Shoot a tour of the grounds, classrooms, student facilities and dorms to give prospects an in-depth look at your school. 

2) Interview current students give your college a “face.” 

Current students can be great ambassadors for your institution, but every prospective student doesn’t have the opportunity to speak to multiple current students! Interview current students talking about their experience, particular academic programs, and student life to capture the variety of experiences available at your school in a personalized way. 

3) Interview instructors and administration to add context to your programs. 

Of course, students want to hear about the achievements of your staff, but they also want to feel a personal connection. Conduct interviews so prospects get to know more about your team rather than just what’s on paper.

4) Showcase an event.

There are plenty of things going on at your school every day, so pick an event to cover once a week or once a month. Make sure to diversify your presentations to appeal to a wide variety of students, from undergrad to graduate programs and events. 

5) Videos on dorm life give a new spin on “day in the life.”

If you have on-campus living, the dorms are prospective students’ new “neighborhood” when they attend your school. They’ll want to feel like they fit in, so show them what daily life is like.

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6) Do a public service announcement to gain credibility.

While it may be an unpleasant topic, staying safe on campus is a reality. A PSA on personal security may be one of the most important videos you need on your school or college’s website. Remind prospective students about safety and show them you care about their well-being.

7) Take the camera off campus for a look at the area.

Take your video camera off-campus to do tours on local attractions, like the downtown area, shopping centers, or restaurants. Your prospective students want to see life outside the school environment.

8) Bring local culture to life.

Class and student activities will certainly keep them occupied, but many prospective applicants also want to know what’s going on outside campus. Paint a picture about the area where your school is located so they learn more about things to do in their new home town.

9) Tutorials on campus life make great explainer videos.

School, college, or graduate programs are more than just attending classes; it’s a new way of life for many of your students. They need how-to tips on a variety of school and personal topics. Explainer videos provide a mini-orientation to prepare them for the first day.

10) Highlight the outdoors and climate. 

They’ll need a break from studying, so use video to tell your prospects about the weather and climate, especially if many of your students are not local. Focus on activities they can do year round and they’ll look forward to the change of seasons. If you’re in a warm place, highlight outdoor activities like studying and picnicking outside. Or, if you’re in a cold place, show how lively (and beautiful) your campus is when students frolic in the snow. 

These ideas for videos you need on your school or university’s website should really get you on a roll with your video marketing. Using marketing videos can really improve your personal connection with site visitors and keep them on the site longer.

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