The number one mistake marketers make is assuming the customer is ready to buy the first time they come into contact with your business.

– David Skok

On this episode of The Growth Show, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe sits down with David Skok from Matrix Partners. Skok started his first company in 1977 at age 22, and since then has started four separate companies, three of which went public.

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Through his experience as a founder and now an investor, Skok has become one of the leading thinkers on growth and building a business, specifically in the areas of sales and marketing. Skok pens the blog ForEntrepreneurs — which was listed at #2 in Forbes’ list of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs — and he shares many of those insights and learnings on this podcast.

In this episode, David talks about:

  • The mistake the most marketers make
  • What to look for in a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • How to earn the trust of your board
  • Why the funnel is the single most powerful thing for a CMO
  • The slide that lets him know if a CMO is truly on top of their game
  • The importance of understanding the flow and conversion rate numbers at each stage of the funnel
  • How marketing can demonstrate that they are a key part of how the company will hit its sales numbers
  • The importance of understanding the unit economics for your business
  • The role marketing can play in reducing the cost of customer acquisition

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