Hey there, marketer. I’m curious … what’s really going in that day-to-day work life of yours?

When you say you’re working from home, are you actually being productive? When you have a deadline, do you wait until the last minute? What are you actually doing on LinkedIn? It’s time to speak the truth. 

Below are 15 graphs and charts showing how we really spend our days. If you can relate to one, click the “Pin It” button to share it with your friends and colleagues. And don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss. 😉

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1) You’re not fooling anyone.

Work From Home

2) Let’s be honest, Fridays aren’t real work days. 

Work Productivity by Day

3) Have a food coma? Subtract two more hours. 

Work Productivity by Hour

4) The answer is always yes. 

Should You Get Coffee?

5) The secret is to under promise and over deliver. 

When You Have a Lot to Do

6) Did you pull another all-nighter again?

How You Manage Your Time When You're On Deadline

7) Everything works out in the end.

5 Stages of Losing Your Work

8) Should you really schedule a meeting for this?

Spending Time on Meetings

9) You’d get a lot more done if you stopped instant messaging your work BFF during meetings.

What You're Actually Doing in Meetings

10) How amped are you right now?!

How Motivated You Feel After a Productive Meeting

11) It’s okay to say no.

Doing Someone a Favor

12) It’s alright, I won’t tell your boss.

Blogs Your Boss Wants You to Read vs. Blogs You Actually Read

13) Wait. Hold on a second … is that clickbait?

How You Write a Blog Post

14) Stalking is just one of LinkedIn’s many benefits.

What You Do On LinkedIn

15) It’s five o’clock somewhere.

Acceptable Time to Start Drinking at Work

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