When you don’t have the right system in place, running a marketing campaign can be messy business.

From assigning ownership over certain tasks, to establishing deadlines, to collaborating with campaign stakeholders, to writing and editing copy … there’s a lot to manage. And with so many moving pieces to consider, disorganization can be a major enemy.

That’s where Google Apps comes into play. For many marketers, Google is more than just a tool for finding information on the web; it’s also an email tool, a calendar tool, a spreadsheet tool, a virtual meeting tool, a file storage tool, and much, much more.

Using Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools — known collectively as Google Apps — marketers can manage entire campaigns from start to finish. 

In this free ebook, Google and HubSpot have paired up to teach you how to plan, create, promote and measure your campaign, including: 

  • How to organize ideas and collaborate with your team
  • How to assign tasks and manage execution
  • Tips for creating promotional assets
  • How to get more efficient approvals
  • SEO and keyword optimization tips
  • Which performance metrics to track and report on

Download The Ultimate Guide to Managing Marketing Campaigns with Google Apps to learn more.

how to manage marketing campaigns with google apps

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