We’re now living in the generation of millennials—a breed of talented, passionate, independent, and tech-savvy individuals who’ve been setting the world on fire.

Demographically speaking, more than 30 percent of the Philippines’s population is comprised of millennials. By 2020, statistics predict that at least 50 percent of the global workforce will be from the ranks of millennials.

Indeed, the influence of the millennial generation is so wide and encompassing such that it gives millennials a rather confident spirit that they’re meant to save the world in the years to come.

But despite this seemingly bold nature of millennials, they have a traditional set of values and goals like previous generations that is to live a good life by being healthy, wealthy, and wise albeit on whole new levels. That said, we reflect on strategies that millennials or Gen Y could use to help them become well-rounded individuals who are physically, financially, intellectually, and emotionally healthy even at their early age.

How to Be Healthy the Millennial Way

In the workplace, millennials are the most sought-after job candidates because of their drive to explore and excel, which serves the company well obviously. They are labeled as achievers who know how to work hard and play hard. They have a conspicuous desire to achieve a work-life balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga, Zumba, boxing, and triathlon sports are just some of the fitness trends that have invaded the millennial circle. They’re quite popular not only because of its health benefits, but also as a way for people to express themselves. Plus, you get to connect with peers who have the same interests as you do even though they have their own individuality under their skin. Unity in diversity is what they call it, and it’s one of the best stimulants for mental and emotional growth.

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There’s also the concern of millennials regarding the food sold to them. Gen Y will have no second thoughts calling out food retailers that don’t support the cause of providing fresh and healthy food choices for consumers. Millennials are also very vocal about the need to empower local and organic food suppliers, which has paved the way for the rise of the Real Food Movement – a concept that focuses on sustainable practices in the food industry so that the body can derive energy and healing from consuming real food.

How to Be Wealthy the Millennial Way

Perhaps one of the greatest obstacles that many Filipinos are facing in life is financial freedom. It’s quite hard for the average Filipino to have the means to build an emergency fund for future use, let alone have enough money in their wallet to tide them over until the next payday.

There are a lot of factors at play here such as uncompetitive salary, socio-political issues, a deep-seated culture of relying on dole outs, and lack of financial literacy, to name a few.

But thanks to the wisdom passed on by baby boomers and Gen X folks, millennials are showing more financial preparedness as they try to make decisions on how they can better spend and save money.

At their young age, millennials recognize the importance of setting aside part of their earnings in savings or investment projects. Salespeople are consciously targeting millennials with their sales pitch, knowing that millennial investors have a long time ahead of them before they start building their own family, and thus, are financially capable of investing in property.

On top of good financial planning, millennials are also passionate about putting their knowledge or skills in a way that’s profitable for them. Many of them are doing freelance work on the side to give them extra income. They’re also budding entrepreneurs who are riding the wave of social media marketing by selling food, fashion, or novelty items online.

How to Be Wise the Millennial Way

It’s undeniable that millennials are reshaping the way people think nowadays. This outspoken bunch has no problems voicing out what they think or feel and expect their respective communities to have the same tenacity in making the world a better, safer, and fairer place for everyone.

And true enough, brands and businesses are heeding the call for positive change by offering new, innovative, and high-quality products and services that improve people’s quality of life.

It takes a lot more than looking at their social profile for us to understand the stuff that millennials are made of. They’re a complex, puzzling lot who appear too self-absorbed but are as human as the rest of us are.

They’re the first ones to go out on the streets to protest the wrongs and injustices they’re seeing around them. Their awareness on some of the most pressing issues in politics, the environment, and religion is also a source of inspiration for the leaders and citizens of their nation. Millennials are the world’s rebuilders, so to speak.

For millennials, the path to success is also a journey to self-discovery. They’re not the type to limit the perspective they learn in school. Instead, they go out, search for information, and try out different things on their own until they’re able to quench their thirst for knowledge.

And among the millennial generation, learning could happen anywhere, even in travel, which was once regarded only as a mode of rest and recreation. Traveling gives millennials a larger, more exciting, and more personal view of the world and its people.


Today’s generation of millennials believes in the value of life just like their counterparts in older generations. What sets millennials apart, however, is how they perceive health, wealth, and knowledge as the main components of a successful life.

One does not necessarily need money to create wealth, rather the combination of experiences, skills, talents, and values that can help you live your life with more meaning.

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