It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anyone who spends time browsing the web hates autoplaying video ads. Have you ever seen a co-worker bopping along to their Spotify playlist suddenly panic and start frantically tabbing through their browser trying to close the offending ad that snuck its way in? Was that co-worker actually you?

Over the years, ads have started intruding in on our lives. We’re all used to commercials on television, ads on billboards, and flyers in our mail. As we went online by the millions, online display ads appeared and we quickly became immune to them, too. 

To get our attention, advertisers have now evolved to autoplaying video and sponsored native content. That got us thinking: How do people feel about each of these types of ads? Which ones are the most unobtrusive? Which are the most annoying?

To find out how you really feel about interruptive ads, we invite you to take part in the poll below, as well as our short surveyWe’ll use the data to write a report that will hopefully get advertisers’ attention and maybe, just maybe, reduce the number of annoying ads that get sent your way.

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